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Our friendly bus services, centred on Battle and Ticehurst, travel to the following villages: Ashburnham, Battle, Burwash, Etchingham, Netherfield, Flimwell, Mountfield, Robertsbridge, Sedlescombe, Stonegate, Ticehurst, Broad Oak and Westfield.

village Signs

Route B67 (Tuesdays)- Map for Battle - Sedlescombe - Battle

Route B71 (Tuesdays) - Map for Mountfield Village - Battle

Route B72 (Mondays) - Map for Mountfield Village - Sedlescombe - Broad Oak - Sainsburys

Route B73 (Tuesdays) - Map for Battle - Robertsbridge - Battle

Route B74 (Fridays) - Map for Mountfield - Netherfield - Sedlescombe - Robertsbridge - Burwash - Battle

Route B75 (Wednesdays) - Map for Mountfield - Netherfield - Sainsburys - Westfield - Sedlescombe - Battle

Route B79 (Tuesdays) - Map for Battle - Ashburnham - Battle

Maps for all routes

The following routes are "Flexible Services" that provide a wider range of pick-up/set down points to meet customer requirements. Note that all these journeys have to pre-booked. Bookings have to be made at least 48 hours in advance. The pick-up and set down points,including the return journey, and the approximate times will be arranged at this time. Within the 48 hour time slot the route will be planned and the passengers informed of the actual time, if different. Drivers will also be informed. A maximum of 10 minutes either side of the actual time is allowable to meet unforseen circumstances e.g. road works, heavy traffic, or passenger no shows.

Battle Area

Route B82 - Eastbourne

Route B84 - Ashford/Tenterden

Route B86 - Maidstone

Route B87 - Tunbridge Wells

Burwash Area

Route B88 - Eastbourne

Route B89 - Ashford/Tenterden

Route B90 - Rye

Ticehurst Area

Route B80 - Ashford/Tenterden

Route B81 - Eastbourne

Route B83 - Rye